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    How to Make Your Company More Social

    Here are 6 tips to make your company more social:
    1. Give Interactive Tutorials
    2. Focus on Fun Ways to Use Twitter
    3. Find Influencers Within the Company
    4. Launch a Fun Contest or Internal Campaign
    5. Engage
    6. Get Creative

    Do you have any other tips for making a company more social?

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    Advertise! These are all great ways for businesses to socialize using online means, but a common mistake I've seen is the lack of promotion. Something as simple as the Facebook and Twitter logos on billboards, in magazine ads and around the work place let customers know that they can reach you through these outlets.

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    As a business, you have to understand where your customers hang out online, and interact with them on that platform. Ensure they know it is about them, not about you.


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