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    Google defends privacy changes - what do you think?

    If you've used either Google's desktop browser or their mobile browser in the last few days, you may have noticed their privacy message at the top of the page. Whether you are ok with the changes or dislike the idea, Google attempts to clear up some confusion over the new policies.

    How does this affect your business or home computing?

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    I think that although tracking cookies is a standard and pretty noninvasive practice, Google making a big deal about the privacy change makes people feel like their privacy is being invaded, when really it is not. Overall, people in general don't understand cookies and tracking and how it helps marketers save companies money - those same companies that all those people want to spend money at and save money on good deals, well part of those good deals come from effective marketing and effective marketing uses cookies for tracking people in general, not individuals. Then you have law makers and privacy advocates that have no idea what it is about and are just trying to appease lobbyists, who have sensationalized cookie tracking into thinking that "big brother is watching" type scenario that is not what is happening.

    OK, rant over, 2 cents imparted. : )
    Shari McConahay

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    It does seem fishy and coincidental that so many sites are changing their privacy policies this month. It's not just Google, Facebook's timeline brought in new privacy changes and I even got an email from a site called CouchSurfing saying they were changing their privacy policy and allowing Google to index their forums. It might just be my tendency to theorize about conspiracies, but it seems like the whole internet is changing its policies on privacy.


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