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    9 Things That Were Way More Difficult Before the Internet

    It's hard to remember life without the internet, even thought it wasn't that long ago. Here's a little blast from the past, 9 things that were way more difficult before the internet:

    1. Going viral
    2. Growing your business
    3. Having relationships
    4. Being an artist
    5. Education
    6. Global controversies
    7. Traveling
    8. Copyright infringement
    9. Communication

    What else in your life has the internet made easier? I think something missing from this list is comparison shopping. Before the internet you would have to spend money on gas by driving to different stores to get the price. Now its as simple as a search on Google.

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    Another thing would be all kinds of materials. I found the internet really helpful during my studies since I studied English language and literature. I needed opinins from professors and summaries of songs and stuff that I needed to pass the exams. Another thing is materials for English classes. This was the thing that the internet has helped me most with.

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