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    9 Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website

    Good customer service and intuitive website usability are key factors in customer trust. Follow these 9 tips for improving customer communication on your website and watch as customer trust grows along with it.

    1. Use the words "contact us"
    2. Place contact information and your phone number at the top, right corner of the page, where users expect it to be
    3. Keep contact forms simple
    4. Create one-column forms fields for quick contact
    5. Don't be afraid of large input boxes
    6. Give visitors a clear action button
    7. Be reassuring and have some fun
    8. Make a promise
    9. Offer instant chat

    What is the key takeaway from this? Don't make the user have to scour every page of your site to find where you hid your contact info. It makes your business look like it's trying to hide something and doesn't speak well for your business reputation. Make sure contact info is clearly labelled and easy to find, so customers will feel like you are available for them should they need to contact you.

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    Contact Us is commom

    I think instant chat system is the great option to attract visitor to the website/company. I love the option much in any website.

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