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    Buying Facebook fans

    I've been asked to investigate services that help businesses buy "likes" for their Facebook pages. Can anyone tell me about any of these services or recommend some reputable choices? The goal here is to improve the results in Facebook search. If anyone has other suggestions about how to accomplish better Facebook search results, would love to have them! Thanks!

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    I am always wary of any effort to 'buy' fans or followers

    This tactic might be OK for a brand getting a late start in Facebook or Twitter, but generally the rent-a-fans don't engage with you or generate any positive business, so I am always wary of these schemes.

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    Thanks for responding, Jay. I'm not certain that this a good tactic. I guess I'm looking for most reputable practitioners of a questionable method.

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    Why not consider running a sweepstakes or drawing for a free product (iPad, Amazon Kindle, etc.) in exchange for "likes"?

    In my opinion, this is a better way to generate legitimate "likes" for your brand and increase Page engagement at the same time.

    North Social has an app that makes it a really simple set-up.


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