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    5 Ways to Turn Social Customers into Brand Ambassadors

    Customer service has changed completely since the emergence of brands in social media. Instead of mailing a letter of complaint or calling a company, customers simply vent on Facebook, Twitter and social review sites. Similarly, if a customer is pleased by a company's customer service, they will likely "share" that experience on those same platforms.

    So how do you use this to your advantage? Here are 5 ways to turn social customers into brand ambassadors:
    1. Be fast
    2. Be visible
    3. Be consistent
    4. Be organized
    5. Be human

    Of all of these tips, I think "being human" is the most important. There used to be nothing worse than having to "press 1 for english", then hold the line for 30 minutes only to be read a verbatim script by a customer service representative. Now, there is something worse: a copy and paste response to a complaint you posted. Make sure to add a human touch to customer service interactions online, it will go a long way in letting your customers know you care =)

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    Thanks for sharing Mikhaila!

    I completely agree. People want to know you actually care and acknowledge their feelings.

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