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Shari McConahay

Foursquare's New Notification System

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Today has been a big Internet news day for changes, updates and upgrades! Foursquare announced a new notification system update today.

Here is part of the information I read about FourSquare's Notification Update on Mashable:

According to Foursquare, the new notifications tray alerts you to things such as comments on your checkins, new comments on items you’ve commented on, completion of your Tips by your friends, and when you are ousted as mayor. It also lets you know when your Facebook friends join Foursquare, which should make for a much better experience for new users.

I see how they are trying to get users more engaged and more immediate notification of comments, but I am thinking it is a bit too much! With the addition of Google+ this past week to my notifications and updates, I don't know if I want or can handle more notifications!

What do you think?

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