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IAB Opposes ICANN's "Dot-Whatever" Domain Name Plan

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In June 2011 ICANN announced their plan to start accepting application for [URL=""]new top level domain names[/URL] - that can be ".anything" - as long as a company paid enough money for it. The IAB ([URL=""]Interactive Advertising Bureau[/URL]) soon after released a statment that they oppose the idea because of the confusion it would cause and charging that it would cause “incalculable financial damage” to brand owners.

Although it was[URL=""] reported that domain names won't come cheap[/URL]: $185,000 just for the application fee and then annual fee of $25,000. There are definitely companies that would pay for top level domains such as .phone. This not only is an unfair advantage against small businesses, it would confuse web users beyond belief, they have learned that internet websites are .com, .net and .org. ICANN has already thrown several other TLDs into the mix and making a ".anything" policy would be confusing and it seems that the only company that benefits from it is ICANN.

What do you think the impact of TLDs would have on the internet and internet business?

[URL=""]Here is a poll about .whatever plan on Mashable[/URL]. Where you can see the majority of respondents feel that it is just a ploy by ICANN to get marketers' money.

[URL=""]More on the the ICANN and IAN controversy[/URL].

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