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Shari McConahay

California Sales Tax: Who's Next?

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The California sales tax certainly is not making anyone happy, and especially has California e-tailers and mass merchant e-tailers very angry. The long term effects of the tax will likely be negative for both the state of California as well as the affiliates and small businesses that are negatively affected by this taxation. Many will have to close or move out of the state because of the increased costs it causes, not just directly, but indirectly in the need to make programming changes and accounting upkeep. I really hope that it is overturned before it is not too late for the innocent small businesses that are victim to big box retailer vs. The State of California war that is going on. Here are some great articles about the California internet tax law:

From Internet Retailer: California to e-Retailers: Pay Up!

From SFGate: Internet Sellers Must Collect Tax, Like it or Not

An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos from Danny Sullivan On Terminating the Amazon Affiliate Program in California:

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