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Travel Privacy & Security Tips

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Summer is the time when so many travel, so it's a good idea to remiind yourself about privacy and security. Here are 10 tips to consider when traveling:

1. Use Secure Wi-Fi and “https” Whenever Possible

2. Consider Tracking or “Find Me” Apps for Your Digital Devices

3. Don’t Broadcast Your Absence on Social Media

4. Log Out Of Public Computers

5. Consider Leaving Your Laptop at Home

6. Monitor Your Financial Statements In Real Time

7. Password-Protect Your Devices

8. Lock Sensitive Documents/Devices In Your Hotel Room Safe

9. Cameras Are At-Risk Too

10. Check Your Privacy Settings Before Sharing Vacation Photos

For the full details see Mashable's article: [URL=""]10 Travel Tips for Protecting Your Privacy[/URL]

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