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Google+ Events vs. Facebook Events

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Google+ Events rivals Facebook events with many more features that make it better for both business or private social events. Because Google+ integrates with so many other of Google's products and features, it gives Google+ an advantage is promoting and socializing events over Facebook. From Social Media Examiner, here are some benefits of Google+
[LIST][*]Full integration with Google Calendar—users can view and respond to your events on Google Calendar.[*]Real-time Event Photo Stream—all attendees can contribute directly to one shared photo collection.[*]Mobile Integration—[URL=""]Party Mode[/URL] allows guests to snap and share photos in real time from their phones.[*]Easy Email Reminders—automated reminders are sent out to your confirmed guest list, along with an update that the event is starting.[*][URL=""]Events On Air[/URL]—allows your event to go public. Anyone can find the event page of a public event, view and upload photos, share the event with friends and make comments.[*]Hangout Integration—easily schedule and host virtual meetings and eventsthat can be accessed via a laptop or smartphone by up to 10 guests.[*]Event Analytics—gain insight into offsite activities that involve your Google+ Event via [URL=""]Google’s Social Reporting Tool[/URL].[/LIST]For more on this and 5 ways to use Google+ events for business, see [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL].

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