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Twitter API Changes

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Twitter changed the API on Wednesday. The new API version 1.1 dropped RSS support and put limits on 3rd party clients that connect to Twitter. The pending change was announced last month and met with [URL=""]much protest[/URL] from Twitter users and applications. [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] reported, "Although most of the API changes were previously announced, the [URL=""]overview of the final API[/URL] highlighted some that were previously unknown. The one sure to cause the most immediate frustration: Twitter is ending support for RSS, XML and Atom.While it was easy to see the loss of XML coming Twitter has slowly dropped support for XML in favor of JSON over the last year and a half dropping support for RSS and Atom is a major shift.
RSS and Atom are the two major formats for serving up web feeds. These feeds can include text, audio, video and other types of media. While most users use RSS as a way to subscribe to web content from a blog or podcast the format can also be used as a way to subscribe to tweets."

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