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Amazing Social Media Stats [List]

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In a recent Ad Age article by PR expert Sarah Evans, she listed 50 social media stats. We have picked out 10 out of that list to feature here and for the rest, see: [URL=""]50 Great Social Media Stats To Kickstart Your Slide Deck[/URL]

1. "Social media accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online in US." (

2. "It only takes 20 people to bring an online community to a significant level of activity and connectivity." (Ning via TheNextWeb)

3. "Nearly twice as many men (63%) as women (37%) use LinkedIn." (Pew Internet via

4. "In the last election Google was the largest player -- the Obama campaign directed 45% of its online campaign dollars to the search site." (Advertising Age)

5. "59% of adult Facebook users had "liked" a brand as of April, up from 47% the previous September. Uptake among the oldest users appears to have been a major factor in this rise." (eMarketer)

6. "In 2010, 29.3 million readers read some 270 million pages of Post journalism each month, a record for The Washington Post. Of that, 28.1 million did so online and, while [Washington Post] brought in 4.2 million new readers on average each month compared to the previous year, [they] also lost some 35,000 print subscribers in 2010 alone." (Forbes)

7. "Mobile is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world. With 40% of U.S. mobile subscribers regularly browsing the internet on their phone and a projected 12.5% of all e-commerce transactions going mobile by the end of the year, it's a channel that you need to be aware of. According to Google, mobile web traffic will surpass PC traffic by 2013." (60 Second Marketer)

8. "Nearly half (42%) indicated that if they've already allocated a portion of their marketing spend to social media, they would increase this spend over the course of the year. Only 8% of those surveyed indicated that they would decrease social media spend." (The Next Web)

9. "A study of 24,000 consumers across the 16 largest countries found that those who are most connected, living on the cutting edge of social media tend to be more 'prosocial' than average, being more likely to do volunteer work, offer their seats in crowded places, lend possessions to others and give directions." (TheNextWeb)

10. "The percentage of US parents who allow their children between ages 10 and 12 to use Facebook or MySpace more than doubled from 8 percent a year ago to 17 percent now." (via NY Post)

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    40. "Facebook is approaching 700 million users and Google handles over 11 billion queries per month. World-wide there are over 5 billion mobile subscribers (9 out of 10 in the U.S.) and every two days there is more information created than between the dawn of civilization and 2003." (via Lee Odden, TopRank)
    That really is amazing!!
    Also, I can't believe ANYONE is letting their 10-12 year old on Facebook, especially after this ( and other studies.