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Facebook Tool Promotes Ads Without "Likes"

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With security and privacy concerns so high online and especially on Facebook, a new tool that doesn't require a Facebook users to "like" anything in order to target and push an advertisement out. The tool is from a content management firm called Thismoment. The nature of it might actually seem more invasive, but, at the same time, it does the job of targeting consumers and offering potential customers the same good buyer experience they report to want.

[COLOR=#000000]A recent study from MyBuys and the consultancy The E-tailing Group looked at brand campaign responses on Facebook. Fifty-seven percent of respondents to the survey are much more concerned about sharing personal information and shopping preferences with retailers on Facebook, compared with retailers in stores.

[COLOR=#000000]More than half of the 1,000 consumers participating in the survey found a higher propensity to provide shopping preferences to retailers in stores in exchange for a better shopping experience. When asked about geographic targeting content on mobile devices to gain a better shopping experience, 42% of surveyed consumers have mixed feelings -- 34% don't want it, and 24% said they do.

That may explain why companies like Thismoment have developed tools that share brand information with users, other than liking, sharing or connecting online.

But "like" doesn't mean anything without identifying the action the person took, such as watching the “Batman” trailer. Friends learn about the action, without a concurrent approval. Brands now can build the suite of Thismoment services into Facebook apps, brand pages, YouTube brand pages, mobile sites and more. Advertisers select from a set list of actions and objects. The tool generates stories about the Facebook member's interaction with the brand.

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