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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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Keeping on top of all the changes in social media is a tough job. Internet Marketing Club is here to help you keep up with all the social media platforms. Here are the latest changes in social media and highlight from the past week from [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL]:

[URL=""]Google+ Launches Tools for Business[/URL]: Google is launching an initial set of [URL=""]Google+ features designed specifically for business[/URL]. These new tools work through the Google Apps feature. “During this preview period, organizations that have gone Google will be able to use the business features of Google+ for free through the end of 2013.”

[URL=""]Twitter Launches Twitter Certified Products Program[/URL]: To make it easier for businesses to find the right tools, Twitter is launching the Twitter Certified Products Program with a select group of Twitter developers.

[URL=""]LinkedIn Ads Go Global[/URL]: LinkedIn Ads are now available in [URL=""]17 new languages[/URL]. LinkedIn’s goal is to expand languages across the 200 countries where they operate.

[URL=""]Facebook Now Rolling Out Additional Page Post Targeting Options[/URL]: Facebook marketers take note: this new feature, [URL=""]announced earlier this month[/URL], is currently rolling out. Facebook Page admins now have a selection to choose from to target updates posted on their Facebook Page wall.

[URL=""]HubSpot Launches HubSpot 3[/URL]: The new HubSpot 3 is integrated all-in-one marketing software with a whole suite of brand-new tools, including Calls-to-Action, Social Contacts and Landing Pages.

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