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Force Google to ReCrawl Your Site

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With all of the penalties, changes in algorithm, and other outside influences to a website there are any number of reasons that a webmaster might want Google to quickly re-crawl a site. Search Engine Watch explains how to get Google to do that, in a way that is sanctioned by Google themselves and has a quick turn around time. Here is what they say:

[B]Meet "Submit URL to Index"
[I]Last year, Google updated "Fetch as Googlebot" in Webmaster Tools (WMT) with a new feature, called "Submit URL to Index," which allows you to submit new and updated URLs that Google themselves say they "[URL=""]will usually crawl within a day.[/URL]"

For some reason, this addition to WMT got very little fanfare in the SEO sphere, and it should have been a much bigger deal that it was. Search marketers should know that Submit URL to Index comes as advertised, and is very effective in forcing a Google recrawl and yielding almost immediate indexing results.[/I]

For more details and a case study on this, see [URL=""]#SEW[/URL].

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