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Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

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Everyone is always looking for efficiency while online whether working or playing. Here is a list of 8 Chrome extensions from [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] that will help boost your productivity.

[B]1. [URL=""]Screen Capture[/URL][/B]
Screenshots will only render what's visible on your monitor. If you want to grab an entire web page, this handy extension couldn't be simpler to use.

[B]2. [URL=""]Send With Gmail[/URL][/B]
We all email things to ourselves as reminders. This little button makes it easier by popping your link into a new [URL=""]Gmail[/URL]message.

[B]3. [URL=""]Write Space[/URL][/B]
Need a distraction-free text editor? This one lives right in your browser. You can customize the color and font scheme, but otherwise, this is simplicity at its finest.
Data is stored locally, so you don't need an Internet connection. The program auto-saves persistently, and you can import text files as needed.

[h=1]4. [URL=""]Chroma[/URL]
[/h]Great for web designers, Chroma displays complementary colors based on hexadecimal or RGB values. No need to fire up [URL=""]Photoshop[/URL]just to find the perfect magenta.

[B]5. [URL=""]Google Voice[/URL][/B]
If you're already using [URL=""]Google Voice[/URL], this extension might change your life.
Check your voicemail inbox, of course, but the browser plug-in also lets you call any phone number on the web from your Google-activated line. Simply click on it, select the phone you want to use, and it will call you. Answer, and you'll be connected to the party you're trying to reach.
It's great for ordering lunch via Yelp or Google results.

[B]6. [URL=""]LastPass[/URL][/B]
LastPass is a popular password storage app, but you'll get added functionality by plugging it into your Chrome environment.
Pull down any of your saved passwords in a snap, or authorize LastPass to securely fill any form on the web that you frequent.

[B]7. [URL=""]Print Friendly[/URL][/B]
For those rare times when you must print, Print Friendly strips miscellany from a web page and distills it down to the important content. The result is a more readable printout, without those wasted blank pages at the end.

[B]8. [URL=""]Tab Packager[/URL][/B]
Doing research with 20 tabs open? There's no easy way to collect those sites in one place without copy/pasting URLs one by one. That's where Tab Packager comes in. It gathers all the URLs you're currently viewing and dumps them into a unique web page that you can reference later.

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