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Google Search Quality Adjustments for July 2012

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Google announced the lists of their search quality adjustments for both June and July on the Inside Search Blog. To make the blog entries more organized, we have compiled a list of each month as a separate post, and have just included the highlights of the changes done that most affect internet marketers for July 2012:

[LIST][*][B]yoyo.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] This change leads to more useful text in sitelinks.[*][B]popcorn.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] We've made a minor update to our algorithm that detects if a page is an "article." This change facilitates better snippets.[*][B]Golden Eagle.[/B] [project codename “Autocomplete”] When Google Instant is turned off, we'll sometimes show a direct link to a site in the autocomplete predictions. With this change we refreshed the data for those predictions.[*][B]#82301.[/B] [project codename “Indexing”] This change improves an aspect of our serving systems to save capacity and improve latency.[*][B]#82392.[/B] [project codename “Indexing”] This launch improves the efficiency of the Book Search ranking algorithms, making them more consistent with Web Search.[*][B]Challenger.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] This is another change that will help get rid of generic boilerplate text in Web results' titles, particularly for sitelinks.[*][B]#83166. [/B][project codename “Universal Search”] This change is a major update to Google Maps data for the following regions: CZ, GR, HR, IE, IT, VA, SM, MO,PT, SG, LS. This new data will appear in maps universal results.[*][B]bergen.[/B] [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] This is one of multiple projects that we're working on to make our system for clustering web results better and simpler.[*][B]Panda JK.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] We launched Panda on and to promote more high-quality sites for users in Japan and Korea.[*][B]rrfix4.[/B] [project codename “Freshness”] This is a bug fix to a freshness algorithm. This change turns off a freshness algorithm component in certain cases when it should not be affecting the results.[*][B]eventhuh4[/B]. [project codename “Knowledge Graph”] We'll show a list of upcoming events in the Knowledge Graph for city-related searches such as [san francisco] and [events in san francisco].[*][B]#83483[/B]. [project codename “Universal Search”] This change helps surface navigation directions directly in search results for more queries.[*][B]Zivango.[/B] [project codename “Refinements”] This change leads to more diverse search refinements.[*][B]#80568.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] This change improves our algorithm for generating [URL=""]site hierarchies[/URL] for display in search result snippets.[*][B]JnBamboo.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] We’ve updated data for our Panda high-quality sites algorithm.[*][B]#83242.[/B] [project codename “Universal Search”] This change improves news universal display by using entities from the Knowledge Graph..[/LIST][COLOR=#000000]And here are some changes we’ve shared elsewhere:[/COLOR]

[LIST][*][URL=""]Flight Search for Canada[/URL][*][URL=""]Updated Hot Searches list[/URL][*][URL=""]Update to Search by Image[/URL][*]I[URL=""]nteractive Weather Visualization Now on Tablet[/URL][*][URL=""]More detailed maps in parts of Europe, Africa and Asia[/URL][*][URL=""]Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search[/URL][*][URL=""]Structured Data Dashboard[/URL][/LIST]
[COLOR=#3E3E3E]For the full list of quality search changes, see [/COLOR][URL=""]The Inside Search Blog[/URL][COLOR=#3E3E3E].[/COLOR]

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