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Google Search Quality Adjustments for June 2012

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Google announced the lists of their search quality adjustments for both June and July on the Inside Search Blog. To make the blog entries more organized, we have compiled a list of each month as a separate post, and have just included the highlights of the changes done that most affect internet marketers:

[LIST][*][B]#82293.[/B] [project codename “Answers”] Improved dictionary search feature by adding support for more natural language searches.[*][B]Better HTML5 resource caching for mobile.[/B] [project codename “Mobile”] We’ve improved caching of different components of the search results page, dramatically reducing latency in a number of cases.[*][B]ng2.[/B] [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] Better ordering of top results using a new and improved ranking function for combining several key ranking features.[*][B]Ref-16.[/B] [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] Changes to an "official pages" algorithm to improve internationalization.[*][B]Bamse.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.[*][B]Bamse-17L.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.[*][B]GreenLandII.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] We've incorporated new data into the Panda algorithm to better detect high-quality sites and pages.[*][B]#82353.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] This change refreshes data for the Panda [URL=""]high-quality sites algorithm.[/URL][*][B]SuperQ2.[/B] [project codename “Image”] We've updated a signal for Google Images to help return more on-topic image search results.[*][B]komodo. [/B][project codename “Query Understanding”] Data refresh for system used to better understand and search for long-tail queries.[*][B]#81933.[/B] [project codename “Synonyms”] This launch improves use of query synonyms in ranking. Now we're less likely to show documents where the synonym has a different meaning than the original search term.[*][B]#82367.[/B] [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.[*][B]#82699.[/B] [project codename “Other Search Features”] We've made it easier to quickly compare places. Now you can hover over a local result and see information about that place on the right-hand side.[*][B]CapAndGown.[/B] [project codename “Image”] On many webpages, the most important images are closely related to the overall subject matter of the page. This project helps you find these salient images more often.[*][B]Vuvuzela.[/B] [project codename “SafeSearch”] We've updated SafeSearch to unify the handling of adult video content in videos mode and in the main search results. Explicit video thumbnails are now filtered more consistently.[*][B]#82879.[/B] [project codename “Answers”] We've improved the triggering for the "when is" feature and understanding of queries like, "When is Mother's Day?"[*][B]Lime.[/B] [project codename “Freshness”] This change improves the interaction between various search components to improve search results for searches looking for fresh content.[*][B]gas station.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] This change removes the boilerplate text in sitelinks titles, keeping only the information useful to the user.[*][B]#81439.[/B] [project codename “Answers”] Improved display of the finance feature for voice search queries on mobile.[*][B]#82666. [/B][project codename “Page Quality”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.[*][B]#82541.[/B] [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] This is one of multiple projects that we're working on to make our system for clustering web results better and simpler.[*][B]gaupe[/B]. [project codename “Universal Search”] Improves display of the flights search feature. Now, this result shows for queries with destinations outside the US, such as [flights from Austin to London].[*][B]Manzana2.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] This launch improves clustering and ranking of links in the expanded sitelinks feature.[*][B]#82921.[/B] [project codename “Alternative Search Methods”] We've improved finance results to better understand finance-seeking queries spoken on mobile.[*][B]#82460.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] With this change we're using synonyms to better generate accurate titles for web results.[*][B]PandaMay.[/B] [project codename “Search Quality”] We launched a data refresh for our Panda high-quality sites algorithm.[*][B]ItsyBitsy.[/B] [project codename “Images”] To improve the quality of image results, we filter tiny, unhelpful images at the bottom of our image results pages.[*][B]Improvements to Images Universal ranking.[/B] [project codename “Universal Search”] We significantly improved our ability to show Images Universal on infrequently searched-for queries.[*][B]absum3.[/B] [project codename “Snippets”] This launch helps us select better titles to display in the search results. This is a change to our algorithm that will specifically improve the titles for pages that are in non-Latin based languages.[*][B]#83051.[/B] [project codename “Answers”] We've improved display of local business information in certain mobile use cases. In particular, we'll highlight information relevant to the search, including phone numbers, addresses, hours and more.[*][B]#82961.[/B] [project codename “Alternative Search Methods”] When you search for directions to or from a location on your mobile device without specifying the start point, we'll return results starting from your current position.[*][B]NoPathsForClustering.[/B] [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] We've made our algorithm for clustering web results from the same site or same path (same URL up until the last slash) more consistent. This is one of multiple projects that we're working on to make our clustering system better and simpler.[*][B]Hamel.[/B] [project codename “Page Quality”] This change updates a model we use to help you find high-quality pages with unique content.[/LIST]For the full list of quality search changes, see [URL=""]The Inside Search Blog[/URL].

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