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Google's Search Engine of the Future

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Google's blog today reflected the news that they announced at a press breakfast this morning, and it is all about their search product. [URL=""]SearchEngineLand[/URL] summed it up well: "Google has announced that a new “field trial”of Gmail results within Google Search results is available, a Google Now-like Google Voice Search app for the iPhone and the iPad is coming in a few days and the Knowledge Graph is going worldwide for English searchers. Oh, and a stat we haven’t heard from Google for a long time. How many searches it handles: 100 billion per month."

Google's blog post is titled '[URL=""]Building the search engine of the future, one baby step at a time[/URL]'. However, today's steps are likely not baby steps, at least not for the media, which has covered the story extensively today. Google's Knowledge Graph will be released today in English speaking countries around the world and we will start seeing those results in search. Google's Voice Search app is coming to iPhone and the iPad in just a few days, but probably the most talked about bit of news is that Google is starting to run trials on having your gmail results appear in search results. Sound invasive? Not to worry, [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] reports that hiding your personal results is just a click away.

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