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Adwords Launches Congressional Districts Targeting Option

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Just in time for the last few months of crunch time for campaigning for the 2012 elections, Google Adwords announced today that they are now adding in a new targeting option, instead of just postal code, users may now target users according to their congressional district. Not only is Google capitalizing on the last minute push of advertising for all politicians, they are making it easier to allow them to specifically target their district, making the advertising efforts more efficient.

Here is a more detailed option from [URL=""]Search Engine Watch[/URL]:

Elections are big money and Google is trying to increase their share of spend of the massive ad budgets available to politicians. On their [URL=""]Four Screens to Victory[/URL] politics and elections ads toolkit site, Google says:
[INDENT]Voters use an average of 14.7 sources of information to help make their candidate selection and are connected to multiple devices throughout the day (Google/Shopper Sciences, 2011). Whether your goal is a seat on the town council, building up support for your chosen issue, or the White House, integrated marketing efforts must engage voters across four screens: television, computers, tablets and mobile phones.[/INDENT]Using the above map screenshot, Google explains the benefits of district targeting over ZIP code. “Say you are running for Congress in the 6th District of Maryland - which features a highly publicized race between Ten-term incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett and Montgomery County businessman John Delaney. The 6th is located in western Maryland, and has been a longtime GOP stronghold, but was drastically reshaped by redistricting which has made it more competitive,” [URL=""]explains Charles Scrase[/URL], Google Politics & Election Team representative. “Barlett and Delaney’s campaigns are waging a battle in the oddly shaped district that has voters in many zip codes, towns and communities looks like this (see map).”

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