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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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While you were watching the Olympics all week, there were still plenty of changes in social media and on the social platforms, as usual. Here is the summary of what's new in social media this week from [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL]:

[URL=""]Facebook Lets You Enlarge Photos[/URL]: Facebook has redesigned the Photos section of the personal profile. You can now highlight your photos to make them appear much larger. Plus, you’ll find your photos separated into different sections: albums, your photos and photos you were tagged in.

[URL=""]Facebook Rolling Out Additional Page Post Targeting Options[/URL]: Facebook page admins will soon be able to target posts by age, gender, interested in, relationship status, education information and workplace. This is in addition to the previous options available: language and location. Find out what this means to marketers [URL=""]here[/URL].

[URL=""]Google+ Hangouts Comes to Gmail[/URL]: Gmail has upgraded its chat feature to the Google+ Hangouts technology. Hangouts in Gmail is rolling out gradually over the coming weeks.

[URL=""]Quora Adds Views[/URL]: Quora Views allows you to [URL=""]see who reads your posts on Quora[/URL]. In addition, it’s “a way to discover what Quora is distributing to people you follow in their feeds and digest emails. You can now find new content that’s trending around Quora that you might not have otherwise seen.”

[URL=""] Announces Realtime[/URL]: “Realtime is an attention ranking engine, offering the power to navigate through the stories that the world is paying attention to right now. Realtime allows you to filter attention by location, network, language and topic.”

[URL=""]Digg Relaunches[/URL]: The new owners of this once-popular social bookmarking platform have relaunched [URL=""]Digg[/URL]. The old voting features have gone and at the moment users need to log in with Facebook to vote. This new version of Digg is different from the former version and has Twitter and Facebook integration.

[URL=""]Facebook Changes Process for User Restrictions on Like Button[/URL]: If your business has regulated user restrictions and you use the Facebook Like button, be sure to [URL=""]read about these changes[/URL].

[URL=""]Google Buys Wildfire Interactive[/URL]: Wildfire Interactive is a social media management company specializing in contests and promotions with a software platform that integrates directly with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Read more about possible future implications for businesses [URL=""]here[/URL].

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