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Foursquare Launches Do-It-Yourself Pages for Businesses

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Foursquare [URL=""]announced on their blog[/URL] that businesses can now go and sign up for their own Foursquare page. Previously only available to businesses that were developed by Foursquare's development team, now the business pages are "self serve".

There are a bunch of features that make this perfect for brands:

[LIST][*]Reach the whole foursquare community with your Tips and check-ins (and push those check-ins to both Facebook Pages and Twitter).[*]Let entire teams of people manage the same Page. With our new tool, you can make multiple people Page Ďmanagers,í so that they can all contribute. Itís perfect for big organizations.[*]From the web or your mobile phone, you can upload photos to your Tips and check-ins. Itís great for making them really shine for all of your followers.[*]And, when your page is complete and youíve added a few Tips, youíll be featured in our Page Gallery.[/LIST]

For reference, you can check out the current [URL=""]business pages[/URL] that Foursquare's development team set up. For more information, also see Mashable's article on [URL=""]Foursquare Business Pages[/URL].

See the [URL=""]Foursquare blog for the link to sign up[/URL].

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    What a great way to keep Foursquare relevant! It seems to have faded into the background lately and I wonder if this will help to boost the number of businesses who use it. I think it's a great service to use to offer exclusive discounts and increase customer loyalty.

    Another social media resource recently released for businesses is the easily digested Facebook for Business site. It explains Facebook business pages and Facebook ads in a way that makes it really simple and easy to understand.