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2012 Olympics and the Internet

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The Internet Marketing Club News would be remiss without mentioning the impact on the Internet that this Olympics will have and is having already for the 2012 Olympics in London. The Opening Ceremonies began this past Friday and with only a few days and a weekend of the Olympics in the books, there is much controversy, and most of that has to do with the Internet and social media coverage. Before the Olympics even started, we saw from Mashable that there were already more Olympic related [URL=""]Tweets each day than the entire span of the 2008 Olympics[/URL]. And then yesterday, on the first full day of the Olympics, [URL=""]NBC and other sports media are taking heat for spoilers[/URL], not airing live events, and broadcasting results before coverage of events happen. Leading up to the Olympics, there were so many rules and guidelines put into place, but it is hard to imagine that will the state of social media combined with the time difference that there would not be issues with Olympic result spoilers.

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