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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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This past week saw some major changes with Facebook, YouTube and more. Here are the new additions to social media from this past week:

[URL=""]Facebook Introduces the Recommendations Bar[/URL]: The Recommendations Bar is a new [URL=""]social plugin[/URL] that helps people find articles based on what their friends like and share from your site. “Recommendations are based on content that friends have explicitly liked and shared in your app or website.”

[URL=""]Foursquare Introduces Promoted Updates[/URL]: You can now find Promoted Updates (including Promoted Specials!) in the Explore tab on Foursquare. These Promoted Updates are “just like the local updates that you see in your Friends tab, except that businesses can pay to promote them in our Explore results.”

[URL=""]SlideShare Embedded Presentations Now Flash-Free[/URL]: Following SlideShare’s transition to HTML5, embedded presentations are now Flash-free. Embedded presentations can be viewed on iOS devices and the embed has new Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

[URL=""]Facebook Changes Reach Metric[/URL]: The Facebook Reach statistic available inside of the Facebook Insights dashboard for Facebook pages now includes mobile. But[URL=""]Inside Facebook reports[/URL] that “to improve the efficiency of News Feed, Facebook will load fewer stories at a time. When a user scrolls down the feed, more stories will load.”

[URL=""]YouTube Lets You Set Creative Commons Attribution by Default[/URL]: “If you want to grant the YouTube community the right to reuse and edit your video, select Creative Commons Attribution License from the License and Rights Ownership menu.”

[URL=""]YouTube Introduces a Face-Blurring Tool[/URL]: YouTube launches “Face Blurring—a new tool that allows you to obscure faces within videos with the click of a button.”

[URL=""]NetworkedBlogs Adds a Panorama Reader[/URL]: [URL=""]NetworkedBlogs Panorama[/URL] is “a new panorama news reader that lets you follow news on other blogs and the rest of the web, pin articles for reading later, and follow individuals.”

[URL=""]Pinterest Gets New Categories[/URL]: Pinterest has added to their list of categories to improve browsing. New categories on Pinterest include “Quotes,” “Tattoos,” and “Weddings.”

[URL=""]One-Click LinkedIn Integration With the New Microsoft Office[/URL]: With the new Microsoft Office, “you just have to sign in once with your LinkedIn credentials and immediately you’ll start seeing rich profile information, like photos and LinkedIn network activity for any connection who emails you. You’ll also see LinkedIn profile data surface when you view a People Card throughout the new Office experience.”

For more on Social Media this week and some great tips and tools, see [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL].

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