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Facebook Marketing in a Post-Tab World

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Remember the days (not too long ago) when Facebook brand pages were about tabs? Now we have Timeline and a social stream and it is very different for marketing strategies on Facebook. There are different ways to interact and engage fans on Facebook now and it is important to remember that it is an interaction and a conversation, and that social fans are also mobile fans as well. [URL=""]ClickZ[/URL] offers some tips for brands on Facebook managing pages:
[LIST][*][B]Make sure you create your social experiences and promotions as HTML5 web apps.[/B] Make sure the apps can be easily accessed on a desktop or mobile browser, [I]and[/I] as a Facebook Timeline app.[*][B]Use responsive design for your web app interfaces.[/B] This way your social customers can see your content, products, and offers on screens of any size. You can learn more about responsive design [URL=""]here[/URL].[*][B]Bring social to the experience, not just the experience to social.[/B] Since fans will participate from different devices and locations, they expect that social features like sharing, commenting, and even rewards will be built in.[/LIST]

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