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Adwords Optimization Tips

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Adwords use has been increasing lately with a lot of new pay per click users venturing into the fray because of ranking problems from the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. [URL=""]ClickZ[/URL] offers up 4 optimization tips for Adwords users to try and test out.

[B]1. Negative keyword lists.[/B][COLOR=#000000] Negative keywords are a critical component to any AdWords campaign optimization because you can filter out irrelevant clicks and impressions on keywords. Excluding keywords can save click spend and make the overall campaign more effective.

[/COLOR][B]2. Mobile review.[/B][COLOR=#000000] Have you checked your mobile traffic lately? Often advertisers don't bother with setting up mobile-only campaigns because they believe there is not enough demand to justify it. Within the AdWords, you can select "segment" to see activity by device from the campaign, ad group, display network, and even keyword-level tabs. This will provide interesting insights into opportunities as well as areas of possible inefficiencies

[/COLOR][B]3. Automated rules.[/B][COLOR=#000000] Automated rules in AdWords won't replace good old-fashioned manual management but may help to save time and streamline processes. One way to use automated rules to directly impact the bottom line is to adjust bids on keywords based on the cost per conversion

[/COLOR][B]4. Display Ad Builder.[/B][COLOR=#000000] The display ad builder is a neat little tool that can make getting into the Google Display Network quick and easy. Some companies don't have the budget or resources to create banner ads, so the Display Ad Builder tool will allow them to choose from a variety of templates using their own text, images, or logos. A banner ad doesn't need to be fancy to be effective so this can be a good option for smaller advertisers.[/COLOR]

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