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Most Americans Distrust the Internet

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So many Americans use the internet for work, play and communication on a daily basis, so it might be surprising to read 98% of Americans distrust the Internet. [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] reports that a study conducted by [URL=""]Harris Interactive[/URL] highlights just how widespread this lack of trust in information on the Internet is for most Americans.According to the survey of 1,900 Americans, 98% distrust information found on the Internet, with 94% saying “bad things can happen as a result of acting on inaccurate information online.”
Reasons Americans distrust information on the Internet include:
[LIST][*]Too many ads – 59%[*]Outdated information – 56%[*]Information is self-promotional – 53%[*]Unfamiliar forums – 45%[/LIST]The 94% who worried that “bad things” could happen were mostly concerned about wasting their time (67%). Other fears included getting a computer virus (63%), losing money (51%), risk of fraud (51%) and damaging their credibility (36%).

In a related story, MediaPost reports that overal customer satisfaction of search engines has also declined. "Consumers are dissatisfied with online businesses. Overall, satisfaction for search engines, social media and new and information sites fell 1.6% to 74.2 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index 100-point scale.
The ForeSee Annual E-Business Report released Tuesday finds that satisfaction with search engines fell one point to 79 this year. Portals and Search Engines remains the top category in the ACSI E-Business Index. Customer satisfaction rose by more than 25% since adding the category in 2000."

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[/URL]Also reported this week: [URL=""]Customer Satisfaction of Facebook Sinks (Again)[/URL]

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