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Shari McConahay

Shari is for SHARI-ng

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Just wanted to drop a quick note since I just started this new blog today. I was off and running [my mouth] before even saying hello or introducing myself!

Hi, My Name is Shari and I'm an Internet Geek!

What's your name?

I do e-commerce and I am in the middle of a re-boot of my business. I sell costumes and makeup online. Stay tuned for more on our new business launch later this month.

I also like SHARIng my experiences with other businesses and help them with online marketing, e-commerce, improve search rankings, and I love social media, especially blogging.

Besides all that geeky stuff, I'm a wife & mom. Our daughter is the center of our universe. We adopted her from Vietnam in 2009. I'm an advocate for adoption and cerebral palsy. Our daughter has mild cerebral palsy, which affects her right side. She gets therapies to help her weaker side get stronger and is doing so well, she is an inspiration, a miracle, and a total joy.

In addition to all that, I somehow find time to swatch Sci Fi, Kung Fu & Superhero movies & reality TV.

OK, now it's your turn. . . .

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