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Social Olympics Ramping Up

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The Olympic Opening Ceremonies are this Friday. Already being dubbed as Socialympics, this is the first year that social media is so widely used and will greatly impact the Olympics, how it is talked about, how it is watched, and rules for broadcasting and social are abundant. The IOC is making sure that accurate social profiles and outlets are very clear to help avoid confusion and problems during the Summer Olympics in London. Here are some details provided by [URL=""]Mashable[/URL]: "The [URL=""]Olympic Athletes’ Hub[/URL] — an online social destination launched in April to provide verified Twitter and Facebook feeds of past and present Olympians — is getting two new features. First up is a section called [URL=""]Inside the Olympic Village[/URL], which will host a series of live chats over the coming weeks. The IOC is encouraging people to follow @Olympics on Twitter and [URL=""][/URL] for updates on who will be chatting when. An [URL=""]Olympic Challenge[/URL] page is also scheduled to launch soon at the hub, and will be a prediction-based game for fans to compete in guessing event outcomes."

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