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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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Social media networks saw a lot of major changes and updates this week. Here are the highlights from [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL]:

[URL=""]LinkedIn Today Gets New Social Features[/URL]: Users can now add comments and “likes” to articles on LinkedIn Today. And the new “Trending in Your Network” tab filters all of the professional news articles on LinkedIn Today and gives you the most popular ones in your professional network.

[URL=""]LinkedIn Introduces a New Homepage[/URL]: LinkedIn has “started to roll out a simpler and easier way to navigate Homepage experience that offers quick access to the relevant information and updates that help you be great at your job.”

[URL=""]Google Announces Google Takeout for Google+ Users With Multiple Accounts[/URL]: [URL=""]Google Takeout[/URL] allows Google+ users with multiple accounts to transfer their Google+ circles and other connections between accounts. There’s a 7-day waiting period after you request the transfer during which you can cancel the transfer.[URL=""]Read how it works[/URL] first.

[URL=""]Facebook Renovates its Small-Business Site[/URL]: The updated [URL=""]Facebook for Business[/URL] guide provides “more in-depth tips and tutorials for smaller and midsized businesses that advertise through Facebook.”

[URL=""]Foursquare Introduces Local Updates for Businesses[/URL]: “Starting today, you’ll start seeing updates in your Friends tab from the places where you’re a loyal customer.”

[URL=""]Swifter Navigation for TweetDeck[/URL]: The latest updates make it easier for you to browse and manage your columns on this social media management tool. This faster version of TweetDeck is available now at, where you can download TweetDeck for Mac and Windows, access the Chrome app or sign in to

[URL=""]Airtime[/URL]: A Facebook app to video chat with your friends on any platform. No download required, just login with Facebook and start video chatting with your friends immediately, right in your browser.

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