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What Happened To Search? It's Complicated

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As internet marketers and search optimizers, we know that our world is changing, its changing fast. Mediapost ran an article last week called [URL=""]What Happened To Search[/URL]? One of the commenters seemingly answered the question "Search and social are on a collision course." It is not often that things change right before our eyes, but that is what is happening in our world of internet marketing, search engines, and social media. The article asks "If everyone has ceded the business to Google, where’s the innovation going to come from? Search is an enormous piece of the interaction pie. There are still the areas of social search, video search, mobile search and even search on the dashboard of the car that are up for grabs. Search on the interface of the next generation TV sets or within the set-top box for Cable TV are also a possibility. These are areas where search can still emerge as an innovation and where a competitor could feasibly challenge Google."

Yesterday, the author wrote another article called "It's Getting Complicated". The reference was to one of Facebook's relationship status options, but he means that the search engine and internet marketing landscape is getting more and more complicated with time. Not only do we have social media to contend with, but with all the new technologies, its not only search and social that are on a collision course, marketing and tech are colliding as well. Here is a quote from Media Post "In today's world it's simply not that easy. Technology is taking over! The world of marketing is fast becoming a world that overlaps with IT. More marketers are being forced to become tech-savvy because they have no choice. A CMO’s tenure -- certainly over the next 10 years -- will depend heavily on her ability to understand complex technology and utilize it to her advantage. There’s technology for managing data, for implementing ad buys, for managing and optimizing creative, and for just about all aspects of the digital marketing landscape. Over the next five to 10 years that technology is going to become more ubiquitous and an unavoidable element of marketing. It's going to get even more complicated!"

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