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Microsoft Is Buying Yammer

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Micrsoft announced today, confirming rumors, that it is buying Yammer. Yammer is a hour year old social networking tool for companies. Microsoft purchased the startup for $1.2 million. [URL=""]TechCrunch[/URL] speculates what Microsoft will be doing with its new acquisition, "There are other new developments at Microsoft that point to an increasing focus on light, cloud-based enterprise services that have their roots in consumer popularity. In addition to Yammer, which has [URL=""]been likened to[/URL] a private Twitter or Facebook for businesses, Microsoft recently officially completed [URL=""]its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype[/URL], and has been updating its Azure cloud platform, adding new features [URL=""]such as Twilio integration[/URL]." MediaPost outlines how the staff will shake out: “Yammer will join Microsoft's Office division, with the team continuing to report to its current CEO David Sacks,” [URL=""]The Verge[/URL] reports. “It sounds like the service will continue on in its current form, at least for the near-term … with (Microsoft) looking to accelerate Yammer's adoption alongside complementary offerings."

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