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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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There is a saying that the only guarantee in life is death and taxes. Well, we can add a new one: changes in social media platforms. Social media networks seem to be making changes all the time, if not daily, definitely weekly. Here are this weeks changes as listed in [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL]:

[URL=""]LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Available to All Company Pages[/URL]: You can now select a target audience for updates shared on your LinkedIn Company Page. You can specify your target audience by company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and whether they are employees of your company or not. Targeted Status Updates were launched to select LinkedIn customers and are now available to all Company Pages.

[URL=""]Facebook Introduces Subscriptions Pricing Option for Apps[/URL]: Facebook app developers can now integrate [URL=""]subscription pricing[/URL] to offer recurring revenue opportunities. Facebook is also enabling local pricing features to allow businesses to apply different prices based on each market.

[URL=""]SlideShare Presentations Now Optimized for Pinterest[/URL]: ”Pinterest optimization for SlideShare presentations provides a fun new way to share and discover the visual web.” When readers go to pin a SlideShare presentation, the “slides are captured as larger images with attribution for authors. And when people browse Pinterest and discover SlideShare content, they can immediately engage in embedded content.”

[URL=""]Pinterest Announces More Attribution and Inline Play[/URL]: Pinterest is partnering with other social networks to provide more attribution.

[URL=""]View Verified Twitter Profiles With or Without Replies[/URL]: You can now visit the profiles of verified Twitter accounts and decide whether you want to see all of their feeds with replies or without any replies. “Remember that replies on Twitter begin with an @username and are only seen by people who follow both the Tweet author and the @username at the beginning of the Tweet.”

[URL=""]HootSuite Extends LinkedIn Company Page Integration to All Users[/URL]: “HootSuite extends its LinkedIn integration capabilities, allowing 4 million HootSuite users the ability to maintain and manage LinkedIn Company Pages.”

[URL=""]Google+ Opens its API to Flipboard[/URL]: Google+ recently announced a partnership with Flipboard, the news app. ”The API will soon allow Flipboard users to Google+ comment on and +1 Flipboard items, in addition to sending individualized pieces of content to Google+ Circles.” Google+ users can expect to see more Google+ integration in the future.

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