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Things are moving and changing for Facebook, as usual. It is hard to keep on top of all the news of the changes, acquisitions and reports going on with Facebook. Here is a collection of news over the last week or so.

A more targeted ad platform is going to begin rolling out in a few weeks. Here are some details from [URL=""]MediaPost[/URL]: "Expected to debut in a few weeks, the new service called Facebook Exchange would bring intent-based ad targeting to the social network and make the site less of a walled garden for advertisers."

One of the largest changes that will likely bring a great deal of controversy was announced by Facebook yesterday will allow applications to start charging its subscribers. From [URL=""]Mashable[/URL]: The move, announced on Facebook’s [URL=""]Developer Blog[/URL], will let makers of apps — particularly gaming apps — cultivate another source of recurring income of which Facebook will get a 30% cut. Such subscriptions will be priced in local currency (example: the U.S. dollar or the British pound) rather than in Credits.

The [URL=""]SocialMediaInsider[/URL] quoted a list of all the recent acquisitions by Facebook: One of the fastest-growing Facebook groups this year must be for people whose companies have been acquired by the social network. Following Instagram, Facebook acquired loyalty app Tagtile, proximity network Glancee, photo sharing service Lightbox, social gifting app Karma, and, this week, facial recognition platform [URL=""][/URL]. The last one’s a fascinating company with cutting-edge technology for marketers and publishers, as well as a new consumer-facing iPhone app, [URL=""]Klik[/URL], that can learn to recognize friends’ faces based on their Facebook profiles.

Also see this [URL=""]SocialMediaInsider[/URL] article for 10 ideas about what Facebook could do with its latest company purchase,

Since Facebook started serving ads that could be targeting strictly for mobile users, advertisers have seen a much higher rate of success with these new mobile ads. From [URL=""]Mashable[/URL]: "[URL=""]Early data from SocialCode[/URL], a Facebook Ads API partner, shows that ads that appear in mobile News Feeds get more clicks and more Likes than ads that appear in desktop News Feeds, proportionally. (It’s worth noting, however, that other kinds of ads, including display and search, also [URL=""]have higher click-through rates[/URL] on mobile compared desktop. Because of the smaller screen sizes on mobile devices, accidental clicks are also more common.)"[LEFT][COLOR=#000000]


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