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Facebook's New Blog Integration

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Facebook just launched a new application to integrate your WordPress blog to automatically post to Facebook, allowing blogger to get more social. Facebook calls it [URL=""]Social Publishing[/URL]: "Once the plugin is installed, you can cross-post content published to WordPress to your Facebook Timeline and the Facebook Pages you manage. You can also mention the names of Pages and friends as you post to further distribute your content." [URL=""]Social Media Today[/URL] shows you how easy it is to integrate the new plugin; and they note how it will make your blog more social, "This plugin is a great addition to your WordPress blog because, not only will it save you time by automatically integrating your blog posts into your Facebook page, but it will also make your blog more social. Comments will be integrated into your Facebook page and friends can now be tagged easily by administrators in the plugin." [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] points out other ways to integrate Facebook and your website.

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