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Search Quality Changes from Google

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[h=3][URL=""]Search quality highlights: 39 changes for May[/URL][/h][COLOR=#666666]From the [URL=""]Google Blog[/URL]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] This month we had exciting announcements including the Knowledge Graph, better search for users in mainland China, and an updated Search App for iPhone. We also released new sports features, deeper detection of hacked pages, and much more. [/COLOR]
Here are some of those 39 changes that are most important to internet marketers:

[LIST][*][B]Scoring and infrastructure improvements for Google Books pages in Universal Search.[/B][launch codename “Utgo”, project codename “Indexing”] This launch transitions the billions of pages of scanned books to a unified serving and scoring infrastructure with web search. This is an efficiency, comprehensiveness and quality change that provides significant savings in CPU usage while improving the quality of search results.[*][B]Improvements to ranking for news results. [/B][project codename "News"] This change improves signals we use to rank news content in our main search results. In particular, this change helps you discover news content more quickly than before.[*][B]Better application of inorganic backlinks signals.[/B] [launch codename "improv-fix", project codename "Page Quality"] We have algorithms in place designed to detect a variety of [URL=""]link schemes[/URL], a common spam technique. This change ensures we’re using those signals appropriately in the rest of our ranking.[*][B]Improvements to Penguin.[/B] [launch codename "twref2", project codename "Page Quality"] This month we rolled out a couple minor tweaks to improve signals and refresh the data used by the [URL=""]penguin algorithm[/URL].[*][B]Trigger alt title when HTML title is truncated.[/B] [launch codename "tomwaits", project codename "Snippets"] We have algorithms designed to present the best possible result titles. This change will show a more succinct title for results where the current title is so long that it gets truncated. We’ll only do this when the new, shorter title is just as accurate as the old one.[*][B]Efficiency improvements in alternative title generation.[/B] [launch codename "TopOfTheRock", project codename "Snippets"] With this change we’ve improved the efficiency of title generation systems, leading to significant savings in cpu usage and a more focused set of titles actually shown in search results.[*][B]Better demotion of boilerplate anchors in alternate title generation. [/B][launch codename "otisredding", project codename "Snippets"] When presenting titles in search results, we want to avoid boilerplate copy that doesn’t describe the page accurately, such as “Go Back.” This change helps improve titles by avoiding these less useful bits of text.[*][B]Improvement to SafeSearch goes international.[/B] [launch codename "GentleWorld", project codename "SafeSearch"] This change internationalizes an algorithm designed to handle results on the borderline between adult and general content.[*][B]Simplification of term-scoring algorithms.[/B] [launch codename "ROLL", project codename "Query Understanding"] This change simplifies some of our code at a minimal cost in quality. This is part of a larger effort to improve code readability.[*][B]Better detection of major new events.[/B] [project codename "Freshness"] This change helps ensure that Google can return fresh web results in realtime seconds after a major event occurs.[*][B]Smoother ranking functions for freshness.[/B] [launch codename "flsp", project codename "Freshness"] This change replaces a number of thresholds used for identifying fresh documents with more continuous functions.[*][B]Better detection of searches looking for fresh content. [/B][launch codename "Pineapples", project codename "Freshness"] This change introduces a brand new classifier to help detect searches that are likely looking for fresh content.[*][B]Freshness algorithm simplifications. [/B][launch codename “febofu", project codename "Freshness"] This month we rolled out a simplification to our freshness algorithms, which will make it easier to understand bugs and tune signals.[*][B]Updates to +Pages in right-hand panel.[/B] [project codename “Social Search”] We improved our signals for identifying relevant +Pages to show in the right-hand panel.[*][B]Performance optimizations in our ranking algorithm. [/B][launch codename "DropSmallCFeature"] This launch significantly improves the efficiency of our scoring infrastructure with minimal impact on the quality of our results.[*][B]Simpler logic for serving results from diverse domains. [/B][launch codename "hc1", project codename "Other Ranking Components"] We have algorithms to help return a diverse set of domains when relevant to the user query. This change simplifies the logic behind those algorithms.[*][B]Precise location option on tablet.[/B] [project codename “Mobile”] For a while you've had the option to choose to get personalized search results relevant to your more precise location on mobile. This month we expanded that choice to tablet. You’ll see the link at the bottom of the homepage and a button above local search results.[*][B]Improvements to local search on tablet.[/B] [project codename “Mobile”] Similar to the[URL=""]changes we released[/URL] on mobile this month, we also improved local search on tablet as well. Now you can more easily expand a local result to see more details about the place. After tapping the reviews link in local results, you’ll find details such as a map, reviews, menu links, reservation links, open hours and more.[*][B]Internationalization of “recent” search feature on mobile.[/B] [project codename "Mobile"] This month we expanded the [URL=""]“recent” search feature[/URL] on mobile to new languages and regions.[/LIST][/COLOR]

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