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Facebook Makes Significant Changes in Stream & Features

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Facebook made quite a few significant changes and moves last week amid all the news of the trouble with the Facebook IPO, the changes went on as usual. Here is a list of all the changes that happened on Facebook:

Facebook made another acquisition, this time it is a Gifting and M-Commerce Startup called Karma. [URL=""]Mediapost[/URL] explains about Karma: "The e-commerce startup creates a curated catalog of products that mobile app and Facebook users can send directly to their friends. You pick a gift from the app-based catalog, add a card and send it via SMS, email or Facebook."

Facebook begins testing a new Timeline layout. As usual, just as Facebook users are getting used to the old Timeline design (and the complaints about change on Facebook have died down), Facebook does it again with a redesign of Timeline being rolled out to users starting last week. For pics of the designs that have been seen by users so far, see [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

Facebook users can now play games right within their Timeline rather than moving over to a new screen to interface with many games. M[URL=""]ashable[/URL] outlines some of the benefits to users: "Facebook is enabling developers to share demos of their game content right in the News Feed, giving players the opportunity to play it the same way they would a Youtube video; that is, without leaving the screen. Dubbed “feed gaming,” it will give you bite-sized tastes of games without having to jump to the app itself.For players, the benefit is anonymity. Instead of having to sneak on a game of [URL=""]Angry Birds [/URL]or[URL=""] Idle Worship[/URL] at work and broadcast the info to your friends (and boss), you’re able to indulge without the commitment. On another level, those with privacy concerns will be able to sample a developer’s offerings without having to allow each one access to their user data — provided, of course, the dev. makes a demo available." [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL] also comments that the game developers can reach potential new players through the more mainstream channel.

Facebook also made a change on the open graph, giving developers and page owners more insight into users and their activity. From the [URL=""]Facebook Developers Blog[/URL]: "In Insights, we have now added the ability to monitor the number of unique people seeing and accepting your authorization dialog. You can also track the number of unique users publishing stories through Open Graph, viewing those stories, and clicking on those stories. These updates provide more insight into user behavior to help you build a more effective Auth Dialog and better Open Graph integration for your app."

Facebook release a new camera application, which has a lot of similar features to Instagram. The new [URL=""]Facebook camera app[/URL] allows you to share multiple photos, quickly edit photos, and tag your friends in them.

Facebook is now promoting trending videos in Timeline feeds, just like it is using trending stories to make sure that users see popular stories and that they don't get pushed down in the Timeline, the same goes for [URL=""]popular videos now[/URL] as well.

Last but not least in the long list of changes, upgrades and new additions to Facebook in just one week, is the addition of a [URL=""]mobile app for iPhone users[/URL] that allows them to manage all brand pages at once. It is big news for Facebook marketers that have been looking for easier ways to manage multiple pages for brands. For more see [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] and [URL=""]TheNextWeb[/URL].

In other Facebook news is a change that hasn't happened yet, but is rumored to be imminent: A Facebook Browser. [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] and [URL=""]TheVerge[/URL] both reported this weekend about a "trusted, anonymous source" at Pocket-lint, Facebook is looking to buy Opera Software, which operates both a web and mobile browser. If Facebook did acquire Opera, it could build in automatic notifications, sharing, and other features, the source says. A separate source at Opera has also told The Next Web that the company is in the midst of a hiring freeze and is currently talking to potential buyers, though they made no mention of Facebook.

Facebook also updated some "smart lists" last week based on how you know people according to the similarities in your profiles. So you might see smart lists for those you work with, family, and people who live nearby. In addition to that, Facebook is testing out a new feature called "Close Friends", prompting you to star your closest friends "to guarantee you don’t miss their important moments. In other words, you can now stay close to people you indicate as high-priority friends without ever interacting, visiting their profile or catching an update in your news feed." See [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] for more on Facebook's Close Friends feature.

Among all the news of these changes and the Facebook IPO, is also a news story coming out that[URL=""] Facebook was hit with a $15 Billion lawsuit[/URL] regarding privacy concerns.

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