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Google+ Hangouts Tips for Internet Marketers

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Google + Hangouts don't just have to be for purely social communications between friends, but companies and marketers can use hangouts to get their message across, broadcasting simultaneously across multiple channels.

Here are some ideas that businesses can use for Google + Hangouts from Social Media Examiner

Broadcast Your Video on Google+ and YouTube[/h]When broadcasting, your video will stream live on your YouTube account and on your Google+ stream. This means you can share your YouTube URL with anyone who wants to watch your broadcast live.
Live-Stream Your Hangout on Any WebsiteWhile in your Hangout, you can grab the YouTube video embed code and paste it into your blog or website to get more viewers and reach.
Incorporate Google+ AppsRight now, you can use a number of applications like Google Docs, SlideShare and Cacoo to help you collaborate or present your ideas in video. This gives you the same functionality of hosting your own webinar at no cost.

Chat on SidebarSimply click on the Chat button on the top left to chat with others during your Hangout.

Screen ShareTo share different parts of your screen, simply click Screen Share to select which window you want to show everyone else.

Edit Your Hangout When CompleteAfter your Hangout On Air, you can edit the video in your YouTube account(connected to your Google+ account).

Share Your Recorded HangoutOnce you’re happy with your video, you can then share it just like any other YouTube video.

See [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL] for step by step instructions on how to start a Google + Hangout.



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