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What's New In Social Media This Week?

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Each week The Internet Marketing Club News recaps the newest changes in social media that affect internet marketers. Besides the big news of the Facebook IPO troubles, there were other changes and additions to Facebook that went on as if nothing else was happening.

[URL=""]Facebook Releases Camera[/URL]: The new Camera Facebook app has similar features to Instagram which was [URL=""]recently purchased by Facebook for $1 billion[/URL].

[URL=""]Play Games Directly in Your Facebook News Feed[/URL]: Facebook is launching “the ability for people to try games directly in news feed. [URL=""]Feed gaming[/URL] enables developers to share a playable version of their game within news feed and timeline stories, reaching new users through some of our main distribution channels.”

[URL=""]YouTube Opens Merch Store to All Partners[/URL]: Last year, YouTube launched the [URL=""]Merch Store[/URL]. Now other YouTube partners in good standing can offer their fans products they have on Amazon, iTunes, Topspin, Songkick, Google Play and CafePress.

[URL=""]Android Phones Get a New Google+ App[/URL]: “The update includes lots of highly requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and to edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+. ”

[URL=""]Facebook Gives Open Graph Developers More User Data[/URL]: Facebook now gives developers the information they need to understand how people are using their Open Graph apps.

[URL=""]Twitter Supports “Do Not Track”[/URL]: The Do Not Track feature allows users to tell websites that they would like to opt out of being tracked by third parties. It’s “[URL=""]like a gentlemen’s agreement between sites and their users[/URL],” and Twitter has opted in.

For more on this week's social media news, discussion, and social media tool tips, see [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL].

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