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Twitter an Olympic "Competitive Event" in 2012?

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The folks at Twitter should probably start stretching and training now for the slew of tweets that will no doubt be flooding the internet during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London taking place this time next year. The Olympics are starting to promote a contest now with #1yeartogo and will be searching for the country with the most fans on Twitter, Flickr, & YouTube. Great Britain was in the lead when [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] posted the article, but the USA and Brazil have jumped ahead since then according to the [URL=""][/URL] site at the time of writing this article.

From Mashable:[I] "As with past sporting events, social media will play a huge role in how fans participate in next summer’s 17-day festivity, whether they’re watching from home or at one of the 32 Olympic venues. We’ll have to wait to see if the level of tweets reaches the magnitude seen during this month’s FIFA Women’s World Cup final game, for example, when Twitter users set a new record of 7,196 tweets per second.

Last month, the Olympic Committee officially encouraged the 10,500 competing athletes from 200 countries to “take part in social media and to post, blog and tweet their experiences,” so long as their efforts are not for commercial purposes."[/I]

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    It’s really interesting how the Olympic Committee crafted this. Can you just imagine the massive volume of tweets this will generate?
    I hope that Twitter is ready for it or they will have to design a new Olympic Fail Whale for fails of Olympic proportions!