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Tools to Manage Twitter Followers

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Here are 6 tools to save you time and make you more productive when managing and communicating with your Twitter followers.

[h=3]Twepe[/h][COLOR=#444444]A little gem of a tool. [URL=""]Twepe[/URL], for a small cost, sends you a daily summary email of your Twitter follower activity, including new followers and lost followers, and alerts you immediately with an email of any mentions.

[h=3]Usequitter[/h][URL=""]Similar[/URL] to Twepe, but sending a weekly summary. Free now with a planned paid version for multiple accounts.

[h=3]Followerwonk[/h][URL=""]Followerwonk[/URL] offers several tools. You can analyze and chart your followers by age, message volume and other metrics; view and sort all of your followers in a spread sheet format, allowing you to see the most influential or least active; search Twitter bios of your followers and their followers; compare followers and analyze their activity, and unfollow without leaving the site.

[h=3]Manage Flitter[/h][URL=""]Manage Flitter[/URL] is a free tool scans your account (once you've given it permission) and then lists all of your followers. You can then sort them by volumes of followers, accounts they are following, the number of lists they are in and the volume of tweets they have sent.

[h=3]Tweepi[/h][URL=""]Tweepi[/URL] is another tool for finding people who don't follow you back and unfollowing them, with features including the ability to enter a username, sort their followers or who they follow and then follow some of those accounts, follow accounts on another member's list or paste in a list of user names and review those accounts.

[h=3]Contaxio[/h][URL=""]Contaxio[/URL] works across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to varying degrees, determined by the functionality their individual APIs support.
Contaxio feels a more "serious" a product than some of the other Twitter tools out there - clean interface, support for multiple platforms and the ability to export data. As with most tools there are free and paid versions.

For more details on these Twitter tools, see [URL=""]Search Engine Watch[/URL].


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