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Who Will Have the Next Big IPO?

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Even though most of the IPO talk right now is about Facebook, there are 13 tech companies just waiting in the wings. Which one on this list will be the next million or billion dollar company? Some of these companies have already indicated they are filing and some are just on speculation by [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

[SIZE=2][B]1. Twitter

2. Eventbrite

3. Evernote[/B][/SIZE]
[h=1][SIZE=2]4. Palo Alto Networks[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Founded in 2005, the online security company [URL=""]filed[/URL] for a $175 million IPO in April 2012. Not yet profitable, it has nonetheless reached $118.6 million in revenue.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]5. Atlassian[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Founded in 2002, Atlassian makes enterprise software development tools like Crucible and JIRA. The company is worth $100 million in annual revenue, and is [URL=""]rumored[/URL] to file for IPO in 2012.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]6. LivingSocial[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]The daily deals company raised such a significant amount of funding in 2011 that an imminent IPO is unlikely.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]7. Kayak[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Although travel search site Kayak [URL=""]filed for IPO in November 2010[/URL] in the hopes of raising $50 million, it has yet to go public.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]8. Glam Media[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Vertical media company Glam Media’s entertainment and lifestyle properties are mostly geared toward a female demographic. In May 2012 the company [URL=""]selected[/URL] Bank of America Corp. and Goldman Sachs to lead its IPO later in 2012.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]9. Dropbox[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Digital storage solution Dropbox [URL=""]reportedly[/URL]turned down a buyout bid from Apple, preferring instead to cash in on more venture funding (In 2011, it earned $250 million from a variety of investment firms). It is rumored to have an eye on an IPO in 2012, but may yet wait.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]10. Workday[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Founded in 2005, this business management software company [URL=""]asked[/URL] Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to lead its IPO later in 2012. The company has earned $300 million in revenue in 2012, and its estimated value is $2 billion.

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]11. Trulia[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Online real estate engine Trulia [URL=""]reportedly[/URL]asked JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank AG to help manage its IPO, rumored for the second half of 2012. The company is valued at less than $1 billion.

12. Spotify

[/SIZE][h=1][SIZE=2]13. Rovio[/SIZE]
[/h][SIZE=2]Rovio Entertainment, the creator of games like Angry Birds, has been valued anywhere from $1-[URL=""]$9 billion[/URL]. Thanks to its popular titles, sales reached $100 million in 2011, and CEO Peter Vesterbacka [URL=""]hinted[/URL] that the company may look to go public in 2012.[/SIZE]

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