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Olympic Venues Now on Foursquare

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The Olympics have come to Foursquare - or Foursquare has gone Olympic. Either way you look at it, the International Olympic Committee is making an attempt to integrate social and technology into the games. The Foursquare Olympic venues are not just in London for this year's games, Olympic sites around the world now have Foursquare check ins. When checked into, Foursquare users are entered into a contest to win a trip to the London games this summer. Here are some details from [URL=""]Mashable[/URL]:

"The International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched check-in locations around the world and an official Olympics badge on Tuesday. The IOC’s official [URL=""]Foursquare page[/URL] has details on more than 40 historic sites from past games and venues for the upcoming edition in London.Fans who check-in to at least two venues and follow the IOC on Foursquare will unlock the “Get Fit for Olympic Day” badge pictured above. They’ll also be entered into a contest for a trip to this summer’s Olympics in London."

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