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Redesign and Changes for Bing

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There are some big changes for Bing as Microsoft has redesigned the search engine. Bing is sporting a new 3 column design with new ad formats and a social sidebar. It appears that Bing is preparing for a bigger, stronger alliance with Facebook after Facebook's IPO. The news of a new Bing design is making headlines across many search news outlets.

[URL=""]Search Engine Watch[/URL] reporting "Bing will soon debut a big search results redesign. Rather than forcing social results into the main organic results, Bing will unveil a three-column design with organic results as the main pane, “entities” in the middle, and social on the right." Search Engine Watch outlines details of the three columns: decluttered organic results, the middle 'snapshot' aims to show users useful information about specific places or topics – specifically, restaurants, hotels, businesses, and movies, and the third column is the Facebook social integration. The Sidebar is where all of Bing's social activity will live. Bing will pull in information from social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Quora, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, and Blogger. It will consist of four features:
[LIST][*]Ask Friends[*]Friends Who Might Know[*]People Who Know[*]Activity[/LIST]The New York Times features an article on the Microsoft and Facebook alliance. Here is what [URL=""]The New York Times[/URL] says about the Bing redesign: "On Thursday, Microsoft introduced a set of changes to Bing that it says will improve searches by tapping into the expertise of friends on Facebook and other social networks. The company hopes to mine people’s online social connections to provide more personal search results for everything"

Mediapost's article focuses on the new ad formats and platforms that will come out of Bing's new design. "Brands can expect new ad models to emerge from the redesign of Bing. Microsoft introduced a new version of the search engine with a three-column design combining traditional Web search and social. The product will soon roll out in the U.S., but during the Search Summit on Thursday executives did not announce a definitive date."

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