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Tips for Those Not Affected by Google's Penguin Update

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Google's Penguin update occurred about 2 weeks ago now and has many sites reeling from being penalized for what Google considers over optimization. Last week, the IMC News covered some tips on how to recover from a [URL=""]Penguin update penalty[/URL]. However that is just a small fraction of websites that were affected, there are many who were not and ClickZ came up with some great tips on how to continue making sure that your site is optimized correctly but not too much to incur the wrath of "The Penguin" or other similar Google algorithm changes. Here are highlights from ClickZ's tips on keeping your website penalty free. For the full descriptions, please see the full article on [URL=""]ClickZ[/URL].
[COLOR=#000000][B]1. Diversify.[/B] If you are getting over 60 percent of your traffic from Google organic traffic you are probably overexposed to the whims of Google.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]Some things to consider might be:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*]AdWords paid search[*]AdCenter paid search[*]Facebook ads[*]LinkedIn ads[*]Display media[*]Social media engagement marketing[*]Content marketing that generates a steady audience that comes regularly to your site[*]Email marketing[/LIST]
[B]2. Get honest.[/B][COLOR=#000000] If you have been building content that no human would enjoy reading; if you have gotten links from places no human would want to go; if you have been copying content over and over again in an attempt to build location pages or product pages; if you have been building multiple domains to try to rank for specific phrases: Google is coming for you.

[/COLOR][B]3. Even great sites need a post-organic strategy.[/B][COLOR=#000000] Here's a fun off-site meeting workshop you can try: imagine Google disappears tomorrow. What will you do now?

[/COLOR][B]4. Can you hang in a Penguin/Panda world?[/B][COLOR=#000000] So many businesses made a great living by easily gaming the Google algorithm. They have been doing it since the beginning. They bought cheap links out of India; they bought cheap content out of the Philippines. That is no longer a workable strategy for a business.

[/COLOR][B]5. New optimizers, rejoice![/B][COLOR=#000000] If you are new to search engine optimization (SEO), either as an agency or as a business, this is a great time to get started with SEO.[/COLOR]

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