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Tips for Getting the Most From the New GMail Interface

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The new GMail interface launched to all users a little over 2 weeks ago, and while change is hard for most people, these tips and guidelines will make getting used to the change easier and may even make it better and more efficient for GMail users in the long run. To see all with photo examples, see the full article on [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

[SIZE=4]1. Display Density[/SIZE]
An easy fix, head to your Settings button and select a display density. "Compact" makes your inbox shrink down to a tidy, manageable list.

[SIZE=4]2. Button Labels[/SIZE]
New Gmail automatically changes the buttons above your inbox to icons, rather than text. Many of us have trouble guessing which icon performs which action.
Switch back to text buttons by heading toSettings > General > Button Labels.

[SIZE=4]3. No Markers[/SIZE]
Why did Gmail choose to make important and starred icons the same color (yellow), not to mention, put them right next to each other?
I chose to remove the "important" markers all together. Head to Settings > Inbox > Importance Markers to remove them from your inbox.

[SIZE=4]4. Stars[/SIZE]
If you choose to keep both important and starred markers, you might consider making your stars a color other than yellow.
Click Settings > General > Stars to drag and drop star options. Or remove the star completely by replacing it with a check mark or an exclamation point.

[SIZE=4]5. Move Icons[/SIZE]
New Gmail locates icons for attachments and chat bubbles at the end of the preview line. If you'd like to move the icons to the left-side of each message, click Settings > Labs > Move Icon Column. Enable the Lab and click Save to refresh.

[SIZE=4]6. Labels[/SIZE]
If you've had Gmail for awhile, chances are you've racked up a label or several. Hide less important labels from your left-hand navigation bar to reduce clutter.
Head to Settings > Labels to hide them from your label list.

[SIZE=4]7. Circles[/SIZE]
The same goes for Circles. Gmail's new design incorporates Google+ Circles you've created. The label lives on the left-hand navigation bar of Gmail.
To hide or display some or all circles, head to Settings > Labels > Circles > Show in Label List.
Enabling Circles in the second column, "Show in message list," will label mail in your inbox with a colorful tag if the sender is part of one of your circles. For example, if I get an email from a friend I've circled on Google+, a tag that looks like "O Friends" will appear next to the message.

[SIZE=4]8. High Contrast[/SIZE]
Sometimes new Gmail can feel a bit jarring. If you prefer to take it down a notch, change the theme to "high contrast." This will turn your Gmail a nice, soothing shade of grey.
Click Themes > High Contrast.

[SIZE=4]9. Google Docs Gadget[/SIZE]
If you use Google Docs a lot, you might want to access them a little quicker. This Lab places a window of recent Docs in the lower left-hand side of Gmail for quick clicks.
Head to Settings > Labs > Google Docs gadget.

[SIZE=4]10. Right-Side Chat[/SIZE]
The left-hand navigation bar in new Gmail can feel a bit overwhelming. If you'd like to balance out the activity, consider moving your Chat window to the right-hand side.
Head to Settings > Labs > Right-side chat.

[SIZE=4]11. Undo Send[/SIZE]
Finally, those of you who are struggling with the new Gmail design may have accidentally clicked the wrong button a time or two. Grab some insurance: This Lab allows you to undo sending an email a few seconds after sending. Beyond that, you're on your own.
Go to Settings > Labs > Undo Send.

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