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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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Here is an overview of new things happening in social media this week. The [URL=""]SocialMediaInsider[/URL] recaps some of this weeks most important changes. Here are some of those highlights.

One of the biggest stories of the week in social media is that among other changes, Google Analytics now includes social reports that will help you measure the impact of social media and gauge social interaction. Earlier this week, the IMC News covered all the changes to [URL=""]Google Analytics[/URL].

[URL=""]Pinterest Announces Attribution and Easy Sharing With Flickr[/URL]: Pinterest has “worked with [URL=""]Flickr[/URL] and other communities to make it easier to pin and credit content creators. Images with sharing enabled on Flickr now have a Pin It button, and pins from Flickr now have a clear attribution statement on Pinterest.”

[URL=""]Twitter’s Discover Tab Delivers More Personalized Content[/URL]: Twitter is rolling out an upgrade of its [URL=""]Discover tab[/URL]. Twitter has “incorporated additional personalization signals to select Discover stories, including tweets that are popular among the people you follow and the folks they follow.”

[URL=""]LinkedIn Purchases SlideShare for $119 Million[/URL]: The top business-to-business social network added the top sharing site for PowerPoint presentations to ranks.

[URL=""]Foursquare Gives Businesses a Faster Way to Get Started[/URL]: Businesses now have the option to instantly verify their business on Foursquare for a one-time $10 fee. ”You can still verify by mail at no cost (although it takes three to four weeks). Once you’re verified, you can start using Foursquare’s free tools right away, like offering specials, updating your listing and getting stats about your visitors.”

For more on what's new in social media news this week, see [URL=""]SocialMediaInsider[/URL].

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