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Google Authorship Enhances SEO

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Google's new feature allowing coding to name the author of articles is helping not only to clarify authorship of a piece, but also helps with reliability and credibility as well. In addition to those facts, it also helps with search engine optimization. ClickZ llists 4 ways that Google's authorship tag also helps enhance the SEO:

[B]1. Authentic, credible, trustworthy sites will be easier to find.[/B] Think about it: current standard search rankings are pretty anonymous. Those of us searching for something specific don't really know how to differentiate which results are more useful - or authentic, credible, and trustworthy - other than whatever shows up at the top of the of the first search engine results page (SERP) is expected to be most useful. Sometimes that is the case, but not always.

[B]2. Websites will be on a more level playing field.[/B] Authorship markup allows low-ranking sites with original content (oftentimes overlooked because the content has been recreated on different, higher-ranking sites) to rank higher on SERPs because of factors we addressed in the above bullet. Authorship offers another algorithm element to better serve search and it will be noticeable in instances where useful but low-ranking sites show up high on SERPs.

[B]3. Search is becoming more social.[/B] By combining both social search and regular search, Google is tying a reputation to an individual, not just a specific site or company. This is making search more social than ever before. Many will say this is a shameless way to make authors join Google+, and they're probably right. But it also places a name, face, and reputation on results. Now, that's social!

[B]4. The addition of another algorithm influencer takes weight off others.[/B] Authorship markup allows Google to further modernize its algorithm to keep pace with the natural progressions in the changes in the way people expect search to work. This is not ideal for businesses that have thrived off of maintaining the status quo of SEO, but it is good for the humans using Google. No longer are big sites able to sit back and expect to show up at the top because of who they are. Changes and new functionality such as the authorship tag are sure to continue and it's critical for search marketers to continue adapting along with it.

For more on this, see the [URL=""]ClickZ[/URL] article.

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