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Google + Changes For Brand Pages

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Google + has made some changes to their platform, here are 8 ways that the changes affect brand pages. Brands and companies are finding it harder and harder to keep on top of all the changes on social media platforms, not only must brands keep up with the social conversation and engagement aspects of social media, they must also keep on top of the changes to the platforms themselves and how those changes affect business pages and how businesses can make the most of the changing platforms.

Here are 8 New Google + Changes & How They Impact Your Business:

[h=3]#1: Header Image and Profile Photo Changes[/h]Google+ changed the page layouts to allow more space for your photo strip. And your profile image is in a prominent spot on the top right.

[h=3]#2: Customize Your Navigation for Business Communication[/h]Google+ moved your list of circles from the left-hand side to the top of your page.

[h=3]#3: Page Promotion on the Right-Hand Sidebar[/h]When you first log in, Google+ now recommends that people check out certain pages on the right-hand sidebar. It’s unclear how their algorithm determines what pages you might like, but pages seem to be associated with those followed by people you’ve circled.

[h=3]#4: Trending Topics and Explore Section[/h]In the past, trending topics in Google+ only appeared after doing a search. Now, Google+ is featuring the trending topics on the right-hand sidebar of people’s home screen.

[h=3]#5: New Hangouts Page[/h]Google+ added “Hangouts” to the left-hand navigation to highlight the live [URL=""]YouTube video chats[/URL] going on that others can join.

[h=3]#6: Enhanced Photo Albums and Videos[/h]Photos and videos are now full-bleed (no borders) and appear larger in the new layout.

[h=3]#7: Easily See Who’s Engaging With Your Page[/h]Google+ is making it easier for brands to [URL=""]see who is sharing[/URL] and +1ing their content with one click.

[h=3]#8: Easily Switch Between Page Admin and Personal Account[/h]It’s now easy to switch back and forth between your personal profile and page profile by simply clicking on your profile image in the top-right corner.

For more tips and tricks for Google + Business Pages, see the full article on [URL=""]SocialMediaExaminer[/URL].

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